Visual research (term 2, year 1)

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

In the 2nd & 3rd term of our 1st year at DID we were presented with the task to design and then create a single piece garment which you can see on my project page.

I was visually researching the fact that moths get a bad reputation of being scary while their cousin species butterflies are associated with beauty, love and all the happy things. I looked at the beauty of the moths. My research was called "Myths about Moths"

I used mixed media in my visual research. I experimented with various techniques from collage to water-colour painting.

I looked around the house for inspiration and materials. I used cardboard, 4 different types & colour of wrapping paper, coloured dry baby-wipes, fabric offcuts from my production for Loved & upcycled, fused plastics, golden plastic from a chocolate box.

View the results in the gallery bellow:

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